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To find a product simply choose which category it belongs in from the buttons on the left of the screen. Each category will have sub-categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Select a sub-category and the site will search our databases for all the products that fit that description. Alternatively it is possible to search for specific products using the search box, simply type in the query box with spaces between the words and select which type of product you are looking for from the drop down menu. For example to find cds by the Clare fiddle player Martin Hayes just type 'Hayes Martin' in the query box and select cds from the drop down menu. It is also possible to search by region for example just typing 'Clare' into the query box and selecting cd will return all cds from our database with music from the Clare region.

Please note that we have avoided using the 'fada' accent which is common in the Irish language. Though we respect the Irish language deeply it would cause many complications particularly for our many foreign customers that would not be familiar with it's use and may have difficulty searching for products they require.

Once you find a product that you would like to purchase just add it to your shopping basket and you will be given the choice to either continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. At the checkout you will be asked for mailing details etc. and given the option between surface and priority mail. This option is not available for all regions. Once the order is complete we will endeavour to ship it next working day. If the product is out of stock we will contact you and inform you of the lead time for getting it back into stock and provide the option to ship the order without the that particular product.

If you have any problem with the site or find any errors we would love to hear from you at [email protected] . We will be updating the databases on a daily basis and your observations would be greatly appreciated.