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Tuneable - Brendan White
This model is a certifiable classic which Brendan has been refining for at least ten years. He uses a recessed tuning mechanism which is adjusted using an allen key. Although they usually come with a pair of crossbars they are available without. As with all of Brendans bodhrans the skins are very thick and supple, this gives them a muted, rounded tone. I (Ruairi) personally have been playing one of these for the last 4 years and it just seems to keep getting better. Diameter - 16&1/2 in. / 42 cm. Rim Depth - 3&3/4 in. / 9.5 cm. (Deep shell models are available from time to time, please email [email protected] for details). Maker Bio - Brendan White is a native of Co. Waterford but now lives and works in Holland. He has been making bodhrans for nearly 20 years and they are some of the finest we sell both in tone and construction. Although many of his designs are slightly smaller than the norm they have a very deep, resonant tone. Christy Moore and Donal Lunny are among those who play his tuneable model. € 164.01
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