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Plain - thick rim - Aidan MacRory
This is a great first bodhran for a player who intends to take it seriously but doesn't want to spend a fortune. The skin is very high quality with a distinctly percussive tone, this gives plenty of volume and helps the sound to cut through in a crowded session. Aidan is renowned for his attention to detail and this bodhran is no exception. The rim is about 1 cm./ 1/2 in. thick and feels very solid . The frame uses a unique 1 and 1/2 crossbar design which allows easy access to the back of the skin. Diameter - 18 in. / 46 cm. Rim depth - 4 in. / 10 cm. Maker Bio - Aidan MacRory has been making bodhrans since 1984 and trades under the name of Mac Bodhrans. His trademark is the attention to detail and finish that is evident across his range. He also popularised the use of a 1 and 1/2 crossbar design which offers a great compromise between ease of play and structural rigidity. Famous users of Aidan's bodhrans include Larry Mullin (U2), Caroline Corr (The Corrs), Mary Black and Henry Geraty. € 73.01
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