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Ossian Publications has been around since 1978. From humble beginnings (our first books were produced in a greenhouse) we have grown to become the foremost specialist company dealing with Irish music. Our catalogue ranges from popular collections of Irish songs and ballads to instruction books for particular instruments and traditional tune collections. Our printed music catalogue also includes items with Irish music especially arranged for 'classical' instruments.

Since 1985 Ossian also offers an authentic audio label consisting of Irish 'roots' music as well as some fabulous new albums by traditional artists. Apart from the brilliant performances by musicians such as Seamus Creagh, Jackie Daly, Joe Heaney and others, all recordings have a genuine, unarranged feel about them. The entire series has been hailed by folk-critics in Ireland and abroad as a valuable set of collector's items. Because of the specialist nature of most of these albums, not all titles are as yet available on CD - be patient - they will be !

With years of experience in the field of Irish (and recently also Scottish) music we are delighted to present ourselves to you with a complete and comprehensive range of traditional music to suit all interests. Lastly, Ossian offers through its distribution department a vast range of Irish music in print and audio which we handle on behalf of the major publishers and music labels in the field: Walton, Halshaw, Music Sales, Musette, Green Linnet, Claddagh, Gael Linn, Tara, Outlet and many others.

This Searchable Website includes our own titles as well as all distributed ones. Please let us know of any titles you may be looking for and which are not listed here, we will gladly try to do a search for these.



About The Living Tradition


The Living Tradition is Ossian's own music shop in Cork, Irelandand is completely devoted to Irish Music. We stock a vast selection of Irish music: CDs, Cassettes, Books, Sheetmusic and Videos on all aspects of Irish Music from Clannad and the Chieftains to albums with regional singers and instrumentalists. A visit to Ireland wouldn't be the same without calling on us! Our dedicated and expert staff will be delighted to help you making your purchase out of thousands of items. We also stock a very good range of Scottish, Breton and general World Music in the shop as well as Bodhráns and Tin Whistles.

You'll find us at 40 MacCurtain Street, Cork

Phone 353-(0)21-502040, Fax 502025

E-Mail [email protected]




The Finest Music


Once, as they rested on a chase,

a debate arose among the Fianna-Finn

as to what was the finest music in the world.

"Tell us that," said Fionn, turning to Oisín.

"The cuckoo calling from the tree that is

the highest in the hedge," cried his merry son.

"A good sound," said Fionn. "And you, Oscar,"

he asked, "what is to your mind the finest of music ?"

"The top of music is the ring of a spear on a shield,"

cried the stout lad.

"It is a good sound," said Fionn.

And the other champions told their delight:

the belling of a stag across water,

the baying of a tuneful pack heard in the distance,

the song of a lark,

the laugh of a gleeful girl,

or the whisper of a moved one.

"They are good sounds all," said Fionn.

"Tell us, chief," one ventured, "what do you think ?"

"The music of what happens," said great Fionn,

"that is the finest music in the world."


James Stephens, Irish Fairy Stories



Ossian Publications have been to the forefront of Irish Music publishing since 1979,

with publications ranging from small collections of Irish songs to tune collections

and instruction books for individual instruments.


We also serve as distributors of the main catalogues of most Irish Music book

publishers and record labels.


Our distribution to shops and direct sales take us right around the globe where

an ever increasing amount of people are discovering the universal beauty and

fascination of Irish Music.


This Website includes our own titles of books and recordings

as well as all distributed ones.


Please let us know of any titles you may be looking for and which are not listed

here, we will gladly try to do a search for these.